The Turtle Mountain Tourism Association is committed to the promotion of the beauty, fun and excitement of the Turtle Mountain region.

Who are our members? Members of the Turtle Mountain Tourism Association are concerned citizens who believe the Turtle Mountains area is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. These members support sharing the excitement of the region with people near and far.

What are our members’ benefits? Members are represented at events such as Marketplace of Ideas, North Dakota Tourism Conference, North Dakota State Fair, Discover Manitoba, Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Hostfest, and many more. Area publications also provide great publicity for members. Members are represented in Manitoba Southwest Guide, Turtle Mountain Visitor Guide, Turtle Mountain Guide, International Peace Garden Today, Scenic Byway brochure, All the Pretty Horses brochure, More than a Fairy Tale brochure, and others. Links to their websites and information about their town or attraction are listed on our website.

Where do our members come from? Members are from the counties of Bottineau, Rolette, Towner, or Pierce in the United States; the rural municipalities of Arthur, Brenda, Turtle Mountain, Morton, or Winchester in Canada; the towns of Rolla, Cando, Devils Lake, Dunseith, Bottineau, Minot, Rugby, Belcourt, Rolette, St. John, Westhope, Willow City, Wolford, Melita, Waskada, Deloraine, Boissevain and Killarney.

When are the meetings? Turtle Mountain Tourism Association is one of the region’s best marketing and information exchange groups. At our bi-monthly meetings, our members are able to network and share information, community happenings, and ideas over a great meal while discussing the direction of the organization. Meetings are held in the evenings at various locations in the region, and are looked forward to with anticipation of meeting up with friends and keeping up with area events.

How can I learn more?
Visit our website turtlemountains.org
519 Main Street Bottineau, ND 58318 U.S.A.
Phone: 701-228-3849 1-800-735-6932

Growing Tourism in the Turtle Mountain Region since 1963

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